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Ayam Cemani
  • Ayam Cemani are a beautiful Black Chicken. They are solid black, yes even their meat. Their eggs however are a nice light tan, dont fall for those myths of Black eggs. We do not offer Hatching eggs currently for the Cemani as so many chicks may not turn out to be solid black as their parents. We will only sell day old chicks, Juvenile or adult birds to which we can guage their quality. Please know that even day old chicks born solid black can develop mulberry or even white feathers in extreme cases. If you want a truly black bird we recommend older birds and you should choose our Cockrele or Pullet. They will be fully feathered all black birds between 4 and 6 months of age. Color can still change as they age but it is less likely to occur.

    Ayam Cemani

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    • Eggs are collected daily and are kept at room teperature and turned daily until shipped or incubated. We do not wash our eggs unless being used in the home for eating.

      Chicks are hatched every weekend and are sted on medicated chick feed. We ship chicks on Monday or Tuesday of each week within 3 days of hatching.