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Living on the homestead

We live on a beautiful 10 Acres in Rural Southern Illinois. The Broadway name is well known in the area for farming large corn and bean crops. In the early to mid 1900's beef cattle, corn and beans were the main focus on the Broadway Farm.


We moved onto our homestead in late 2011. We were a young couple with a ton of dreams. My husband having lived with a farming family his entire life and myself being a good ole city girl from Oklahoma. 

I first had a passion for Showing Dogs. We have over 10 Great Danes now and several champions over the years. When we moved where we live now I decided we had plenty of room for a few laying hens. Years later we have 7 different breeds of chickens and specifically breed for the best quality and type of each breed. 


We strive to produce quality birds that each adhere to their standard as established by the American Poultry Association. We do have some project flocks but will only sell birds of true type and confirmation. We also breed for egg color and have been working on Blue, Olive, Purple and Dark Brown Eggs.

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